Any Time, Any Place, Any Prayer Storybook

A True Story of How You Can Talk With God

By Laura Wifler, illustrated by Catalina Echeverri
from 6 reviews

Teach kids how to pray with this beautifully illustrated Bible storybook.

Part of the Tales that Tell the Truth series.

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When children have something on their minds, they tend to run to their parents and caregivers. Wouldn’t it be great if they also learned that they can talk to God about anything and everything because Jesus has made that possible?

This beautifully illustrated Bible storybook, by Risen Motherhood co-founder Laura Wifler, takes children on a journey from the start of the Bible story to the end. From Eden and God’s presence, through the fall, redemption, and the Spirit’s presence with us now, to our presence with God in the future, God has always made a way for his people to talk with him. Children will learn a biblical understanding of prayer, why it’s amazing, and that they can enjoy talking with God about anything, anytime, anywhere.

Includes Jesus’ teaching on the Lord’s Prayer to help children know how to pray.

Christianity Today Children's Book Winner for 2021; finalist for the Christian Book Award Children's category 2022.

An accompanying Art and Activity book is available to purchase as well as a board book for 2-4 year olds and a 15-day family devotional on prayer.

Laura is the co-founder of Risen Motherhood, a ministry and community that exists to encourage, equip and challenge moms to apply the gospel to their everyday lives.

Part of our bestselling award-winning series, Tales That Tell The Truth illustrated by Catalina Echeverri.

Product details


Age range: 3+
Contributors Laura Wifler, Catalina Echeverri
ISBN 9781784986605
Format Hardback
First published September 2021
Dimensions 220mm x 260mm x 9mm
Weight 0.44 kg
Language English
Pages 32
Publisher The Good Book Company

Colin Buchanan

Christian Children's Recording artist and author, Sydney, Australia

Laura Wifler understands that simple, deep truths shape and change lives. This is a book that will, by God’s grace, lay the foundation for a thankful, praying life in lots of little lives.

Ed Drew

Ministry Director, Faith in Kids; Author, Raising Confident Kids

Prayer is hard for our children—they can’t see who they are speaking to. Over and over again I am asked, ‘How can I help my children to pray?’ Start here!

Melissa B Kruger

Women’s Ministry Coordinator, Uptown Church; author, The Envy of Eve

Here is a wonderful way to teach children that they can talk to God when they are happy or sad, in need of help or in need of forgiveness. It’s a beautiful book with a needed message.

Customer reviews

Jan. 5, 2022

“Encouraging for Children and Adults”

Any Time, Any Place, Any Prayer is the latest book in the Tales that Tell the Truth Series by The Good Book Company. In this book, author and podcast host Laura Wifler helps children understand that a relationship with God is cultivated by constant communion with Him through prayer. I love that Any Time, Any Place, Any Prayer begins with the storyline of Scripture and explains the gospel message simply. Readers of all ages will be encouraged as they read about how believers have access to God any time and at any place because of Jesus. Children are encouraged to take their requests both big and small, serious and silly, to God knowing that He hears them.

The book contains references to all persons of the trinity which I am thankful for. It seems that Christian literature, even for adults, can often emphasize the Father and the Son while neglecting the Holy Spirit. I was encouraged as I read Laura's reminder to children that the Holy Spirit lives in believers and is with them all the time.

The illustrations in the book include children of all diversities and abilities which I'm thankful for because they accurately reflect what God's kingdom looks like. Overall, my kids and I really enjoyed Any Time, Any Place, Any Prayer and we look forward to reading more in the Tales That Tell the Truth series.

I received Any Time, Any Place, Any Prayer compliments of The Good Book Company in exchange for my honest review.

Nov. 15, 2021

“Accessible and Engaging for All Ages”

Very in-depth and engaging for a child's book. There are verse references, biblical examples, and the illustrations are lovely. I highly recommend this book to help clearly explain and encourage your child's faith through prayer. My only reason for 4-star is because I feel the creation story explanation felt distorted in saying that the serpent made them question God's love for them. We just talk through that being extra-biblical and move on. The book is definitely worth the purchase in spite of that!

Oct. 21, 2021

“Wonderfully done, Gospel-Centered Book on Prayer”

This book is beautifully done. The illustrations, as always with the whole Tales that Tell the Truth series, are remarkably well done. The attention to detail and diversity with the people are always appreciated. The prayer message from beginning to end is wonderful for kids to hear again and again as a reminder that God wants us to talk to him about anything, anytime, anywhere! We need not only approach God when something is wrong. He welcomes us to talk to Him as we would a close friend. I especially loved the pages depicting all the people in the Old Testament praying to God as well as the corresponding pages towards that end that show modern-day folks praying in all sorts of situations. I also really loved the scope of the book from Genesis to the fall to Jesus to His death and resurrection to His second coming, clearly laying out the good news of the gospel for readers. Without Jesus, we wouldn't have the privilege and luxury of approaching God in prayer anytime, any place, anywhere. But because of Jesus, not only can we pray, we can do so with confidence, knowing that He has given us His Spirit, and with the assurance that He hears our prayers and we will be reunited with Him one day.

A total personal preference, but I wish they would have included Jesus praying in the Garden of Gethsemane. I do really love that they included the fact that Jesus, though sinless, prayed. it serves as an encouragement that if Jesus, the perfect Son of God, took time to pray, then by all means, so should we.

We really love this book and series and can't recommend them enough!

Oct. 20, 2021

“Go to God in Prayer”

How can you teach your children about the privilege of prayer? In Any Time, Any Place, Any Prayer, Laura Wifler & Catalina Echeverri present a true story of how you can talk with God.

Communion and Communication

In just about 30 pages, this book encourages your children to come to God in prayer for anything and everything. At the center of the story is how our communion (and communication) was broken by sin but has now been restored by the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus.

What I loved most about this book is how it places prayer within the story of the Biblical narrative. God’s people have always talked to him, and God has always spoken to them. Prayer has always been important to God’s people.

Go to God in Prayer

With beautiful illustrations by Catalina Echeverri, your children will see that we can go to God in any situation. God wants us to talk to him about all of our lives, all of our emotions, and all of our feelings. The colorful pages reinforce the fact that a vibrant prayer life is possible.

While perfect for ages 3-6, this hardcover book will carry special meaning to older children as they practice the habit of prayer. This book has a message that we all need to hear. God is never far away. He is quick to listen. He wants to hear us. And he has spoken back to us in Jesus.

I received a media copy of Any Time, Any Place, Any Prayer and this is my honest review.

Sept. 2, 2021

“Wonderful Gospel Focus”

I always enjoy books from the Tales that Tell the Truth series, and even though this book focuses on prayer instead of telling a particular Bible story, it is still narrative-driven. Laura Wifler opens the book with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, explaining that even though they could walk and talk as friends with God, after they sinned, they wanted to hide from God and not talk to Him. "Any Time, Any Place, Any Prayer" emphasizes that God always wants us to talk to Him, and the book highlights the role of prayer in biblical history and tells the story of Jesus. The exuberant text shares the joy and hope that we have in the gospel, knowing that in Christ, there is no longer anything separating us from God.

The book includes examples of historical figures characterized by prayer, such as Susanna Wesley and Civil Rights leader John Perkins, and the last pages encourage children to pray, giving examples of the kinds of feelings and situations that they can take to God every day. The book ends with a beautiful page spread imagining heaven, where we will be with God one day. Catalina Echeverri's illustrations are beautiful, striking, and unique throughout the book, and this last page made me gasp. She consistently does beautiful work, and I love how her art ties this series together, even though the books come from a range of different authors.

"Any Time, Any Place, Any Prayer" is a beautiful, high-quality book that celebrates the story of Jesus and encourages kids to pray. I would highly recommend this to Christian families, churches, and Christian schools, and parents and teachers should check out some of the free resources related to the book that are available on the Good Book Company website. This is a great book for kids and their adults to enjoy together, and the whole-picture, gospel-focused emphasis on prayer is very inspiring.

Aug. 28, 2021

“Wonderfully Written”

Reviewing this book is extra special for me. The author, Laura Wifler, was my bible study leader at my college ministry, The Salt Co., at Iowa State University in Ames, IA. She is co-founder of Risen Motherhood, an amazing biblical ministry for women throughout Central Iowa and beyond.

This was a beautiful children's book. The book essentially lays out the entire Gospel starting with Adam and Eve to Christ's death and resurrection to the Holy Spirit and our current lives.

Wifler does a great job of encouraging young children to not fear prayer, to not allow obstacles to deter their prayer, and to share their experience with prayer.

I appreciated that throughout the book certain bible passages were listed underneath pictures as a reference to what the story was discussing. This helps parents and children both dig deeper.

My only dislike of the book was the illustrations. I have a particular enjoyment for unique, modern graphics and I feel like the illustrations for this book were lacking.

Overall, the book is a wonderful option to share God's command of prayer with young children in a delightful way.

I received a copy of this book from The Good Book Company in exchange for an honest review.

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