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At The Good Book Company we are committed to making our resources available in a range of languages for the benefit of people from around the world. We do this mainly by working in partnership with overseas publishers. Their expertise in local languages and contacts with local people ensure that the published materials are made widely available in the main country or countries where the language is spoken. By stocking the translated editions, The Good Book Company also aims to provide easy access to these materials internationally.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which of your publications do you translate?

Key product ranges from The Good Book Company that are already translated into one or more languages are Christianity Explored and the Pray Prepare Preach series (Preaching Mark etc). Translations of some other editions are also in progress and we are always ready to consider new enquiries. However, the deciding factor for any translation is whether there is a local publisher who wants to produce and sell it as The Good Book Company’s policy is to publish English language editions and look for local partners to publish any translations.

We also retail some translated editions from other publishers, such as The Choice we all face from Matthias Media.

What languages are your publications available in?

Our editions are available in international languages such as Chinese, French, Hindi and Spanish as well as a diverse range of other national languages. The availability of translations for any individual edition depends on local needs and interests in the country or countries concerned.


Where can I buy translations of your publications?

You can buy most translated editions of The Good Book Company publications direct from us via our outlets in the UK, USA, Australia and New Zealand. However, if you live in the country where the translation was published, you may find it easier to buy direct from the publisher.

For translations that we retail from other publishers – such as The Choice we all face from Matthias Media – you can still buy direct from us but should be aware that any order you place will be delivered from the UK only. Depending on where you live, this may make a significant difference to the delivery time and cost.

Can I translate any of the publications shown on the website?

First of all, check to see whether the edition you want to translate is published by The Good Book Company. If it is published by another company such as Matthias Media or IVP you will need to contact them to ask permission to translate it. If it is published by The Good Book Company we hold the copyright of the text either solely or in conjunction with the author(s) and you need to ask our permission to translate it.

Requests from publishers

To request translation rights for one or more of our editions please contact us with further details concerning:

  • Which edition(s) you would like to publish and the intended language(s) for translation
  • Details of your publishing plans for the translated edition(s), i.e. proposed production quantities, scope of distribution and selling prices
  • Some background information about your company and the local market

Requests from individuals

Where translation rights for specific editions have not yet been sold we may grant permission to individuals to make a translation for their personal, non-commercial use. Such permission is given on a case by case basis and is subject to certain terms and conditions. For further details, please contact us with more information about the edition you would like to translate, the target language and context in which you propose to use the translation.

All permissions enquiries should be addressed to: