Tales of the Unexpected (Starter Pack)

Tales of the Unexpected (Starter Pack)

Stories told by Jesus from Luke's Gospel

Pete Woodcock & Lizzy Smallwood
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In Tales of the Unexpected you’ll find four simple but startling stories that Jesus told.

Part of the Jesus and You series.

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This straightforward, four-session course is designed to bring the teaching of Jesus to a broad range of people, including those who normally have difficulty accessing the Christian message.

Use the Tales of the Unexpected DVD and booklet to unpack some truly unexpected words of Jesus, and introduce ordinary people to this most amazing man. Presented by Pete Woodcock and Lizzy Smallwood, two experienced Christian communicators.

The starter pack contains three study guides and one DVD.

Everyone likes a good story, especially when there’s a surprise at the end.

Jesus is famous for the stories he told. And many people still read and listen to his words today. Why? — because Jesus’ words seem to understand us and explain us. And they open up the way for us to know God.

In Tales of the Unexpected you’ll find four simple but startling stories that Jesus told. You’ll find some surprising things about yourself, about God and about life.

Using a modern, easy-to-understand translation of the Bible, and the accompanying DVD, this straightforward guide will help you understand who Jesus is, why he came, and the difference he can make for people today.

This starter pack contains:
3 x study guides
1 x DVD

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  • 1 The rich fool (Luke 12 v 13-21)
  • 2 The runaway son (Luke 15 v 11-24)
  • 3 The stay-at-home son (Luke 15 v 11-32)
  • 4 The Pharisee and the tax collector (Luke 18 v 9-14)

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Author Pete Woodcock, Lizzy Smallwood
ISBN 9781906334741
Format Multiple-component
Dimensions 148mm x 210mm
Language English
Publisher The Good Book Company
Customer reviews


“Gospel-centred and appropriate!”

This course has been very helpful in an evangelistic toddlers group for parents as an alternative to other longer courses. All of our unchurched mums have really enjoyed 'Tales of the Unexpected'. It's very accessible for non-Christians and I thoroughly recommend it.


“The profound but simple tellingly told.”

(Review written for 'Tales of the Unexpected Handbook')

A very down to earth exposition of four parables from Luke's Gospel. Relaxed telling but hard hitting just as it just have been when our Lord originally told them. Two 'tellers' for different audiences. Personal testimonies from individuals whose lives had been arrested by Jesus. Work booklets very helpful but sometimes became a little lost as to which page was next to be explored. Highly recommend for simply telling it sit is according to the Word of Life.

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Tales of the Unexpected (Starter Pack) | Pete Woodcock, Lizzy Smallwood | $27.99