Close Encounters (Starter Pack)

Close Encounters (Starter Pack)

People Jesus helped from the New Testament

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In Close Encounters you'll discover who Jesus is by looking at the stories of five people who met him.

Part of the Jesus and You series.

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Jesus had many close encounters with ordinary people, turning around their lives in totally unexpected ways. Close Encounters helps us discover for ourselves who Jesus is by looking at the stories of five people who met him.

This straightforward, four-session course will bring the teaching of Jesus to a broad range of people, including those who normally have difficulty accessing the Christian message.

  • No previous Bible knowledge is assumed.

  • Each session is based on a modern, easy-to-understand translation of the Bible.

  • Using the down-to-earth skills of two experienced Christian communicators - Pete Woodcock and Lizzy Smallwood - the DVD presentations explain and apply these stories of Jesus in a colourful and memorable way.

  • A real-life story at the end of each session shows how Jesus still changes lives today.

This Starter Pack contains all you will need for running every session. You receive one DVD and three Handbooks. These resources will help you unpack some heart-warming true stories about Jesus, and introduce ordinary people to who Jesus is, why he came, and the difference he can make in our lives.

To help with promoting your course, we now have posters and invitations available for you to download. See the 'Extras' section on the top left-hand side of the page.

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  • Welcome to Close Encounters
  • 1. The man who came through the roof (Luke 5 v 17-26)
  • 2. The man silenced by a demon (Luke 11 v 14-26)
  • 3. The sick woman and the dying girl (Mark 5 v 21-43)
  • 4. The blind beggar (Mark 10 v 32-52)
  • Gripping real life stories

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Author Pete Woodcock, Anne Woodcock
ISBN 9781908317728
Format Multiple-component
Dimensions 148mm x 210mm
Language English
Publisher The Good Book Company
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“Excellent versatile Material”

(Review written for 'Close Encounters DVD')

Excellent clear evangelistic DVD and handbooks. We have used this course in a large gathering of 40+ people in a community space and with two people in their homes. It works in any setting that a DVD can be played. I particularly love the way you read through the passage a number of times in each study. In this way people do the hard work of thinking through a passage and then can clearly see the points being made in the DVD.
This material has been well received by those who are more mature in their faith and those who have little or no background in the bible. I will continue to use this material and hope that more titles become available.

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