Permissions and Copyright

This page contains the information you need to seek permission to reprint, copy or reproduce any material produced by The Good Book Company. First, check out the FAQ section below to see if what you want to do is covered by our general permission policy, or by the principle of fair dealing. If you need to gain formal permission—for which a small fee may be required—please use the webform below to make a request. We will deal with your request within 3 weeks of submission.

Please note if your enquiry is about a potential translation of one of our books or resources into another language, please visit this page for guidance.

Permissions Request Form

Please fill out as much of this form as you are able. Submitting this form does not guarantee we will give permission for your request. We will take into consideration all questions answered and we will respond to you as soon as we are able, but definitely within 3 weeks of your submission. If you wish to use excerpts from more than one publication you will need to fill out a separate request form.

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When you hit the “Submit" button, your request will be sent to our Rights team who will acknowledge your request and aim to get back to you within 3 weeks, although usually, we will respond within a week. If you have not heard anything from us within that time, please contact

Permissions FAQs

1. Is this book still in copyright, and is it our copyright to grant?

By international agreement, the copyright in any original work lasts for 70 years after the death of the author. Please carry out your own research to determine whether the material is in copyright. The Good Book Company is unable to search for this information on your behalf. Also, please check that the material you wish to quote is ours to give. Check the information on the imprint page: the page (usually opposite the contents) which lists all the details of the publisher. Please also note that our books may contain quotations from other sources, including Bible passages from various translations. We cannot give permission for these. Permission must be sought from the original copyright holder.

2. Do I need permission for a quote in my church newsletter or for use by a not-for-profit organization?

The Good Book Company grants churches and other not-for-profit organizations permission to use material from our publications that are copyrighted by The Good Book Company in church bulletins, newsletters and other short-term non-book publications free of charge, within the following limits: the paragraphs quoted must not amount to a complete chapter of the book or account for 20% of the total work in which they are quoted.

It is the responsibility of the author to check that the copyright of the book belongs to The Good Book Company (see the imprint page of the book for this information). We cannot grant permission for non-TGBC publications.

A notice of copyright should appear in the work as follows: ‘[Title] by [author], copyright [date] by The Good Book Company, used by kind permission’.

If the usage you looking for lies outside of this, please use the Permissions Request Form to ask for formal permission.

3. What is fair dealing?

The practice called fair dealing allows free use of copyright material employed to illustrate an idea or comment or give weight to an argument, in research or private study, without the need for permission, under the following conditions:

A single extract under 400 words or several extracts from the same publication, each under 300 words and totalling under 800 words. But please note below.

It is not necessary to request permission from The Good Book Company unless these usages are exceeded. However, please note that if an extract is included in a commercially published project or as a piece that stands alone without comment on its content or direct relevance to surrounding material (e.g. as an extract in an anthology of prayers, meditations or poetry), permission must be sought to include the extract no matter what its length and a fee may apply.

Please note that Fair Dealing does not apply to the following:

Poetry and song lyrics: Permission must be sought from the publisher for all extracts, and this will usually be granted on payment of a fee.

Photographs, illustrations, video, animations and other graphic material: Permission must be sought from the publisher for all extracts, and this will usually be granted on payment of a fee.

4. Permissions Requests

All permission requests that do not fall under the exceptions in section 2 or fair dealing criteria in section 3 must be referred to us by using the Permissions Request Form.

5. Can I copy a book (or part of a book) to give out to my Bible-study group?

Copyright law allows you to copy up to 10% of a publication for personal study. Any multiple copies of a book requires you to seek permission. As a publisher, we work hard to make our resources affordable for use by all. Please respect the fact that we have worked hard to create these books and resources, and that our existence as a publisher depends upon people respecting the law in regard to copying.