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Leader Kit for the Worship track of Gospel Shaped Church from The Gospel Coalition, exploring how a church should be a worshipping community.

Part of the Gospel Shaped Church series.

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“Churches called into existence by the gospel should also be shaped by the gospel in their everyday life.”
Don Carson and Tim Keller
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Gospel Shaped Church is a curriculum based on the five characteristics of gospel ministry that lie at the heart of The Gospel Coalition that will help whole congregations pause and think carefully and prayerfully about the kind of church they are called to be.

This seven-week whole-church resource explores what it means for a church to be a worshiping community. This Leader’s Kit contains everything you need to evaluate, plan, promote and run an engaging and immersive program with your church.

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At each and every moment of our lives, we are all living in a way that "gives worth" to something. For many people, their ideas of worth are centered on themselves, their family or their job. But for those who have discovered the grace of God in Jesus Christ a massive change has taken place. By the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives, we are enabled to start worshiping the one true God instead of the many false Gods we fill our lives with.

Inside the Leader's Kit, you will find a copy of the Leader's Guide, a copy of the Member's Handbook and the seven teaching videos presented by Jared Wilson, in both digital download and DVD formats (running time: 120 minutes). Please note, this DVD is available in NTSC format only (All modern DVD players play NTSC in the UK). You will be able to download digital copies of the videos with a code contained in the kit.

There is also a Quickstart Guide which lays out a variety of ways in which the material could be used within your own church context, some ideas for creating a church bulletin to promote the course in your church.

What is true for us as individuals is true for us as a gathered community of God’s people. We discover in the Bible that a church that is centered on the gospel of Jesus Christ will be shaped by the gospel of Jesus Christ. And a church shaped by the gospel of Jesus Christ will see that its true service of worship is conducted both inside the formal gathering of believers and outside it as well.

This flexible resource will train your whole church through teaching, preaching, daily reading and small-group Bible study and discussion—or any combination of those elements. The overall aim is that your church will embark on a journey to discover the kind of people they should be as they are shaped by the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Additional copies of the Gospel Shaped Worship Handbook and the Leader's Guide are available.

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    Gospel Shaped Outreach Leader's Guide
    Gospel Shaped Outreach
    Quickstart Guide
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Contributors Jared C. Wilson
ISBN 9781910307441
Format Course Kit
First published April 2015
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"Churches called into existence by the gospel should also be shaped by the gospel in their everyday life."
- Don Carson and Tim Keller

This is part of the five-track Gospel Shaped Church curriculum developed with The Gospel Coalition from its ministry aims. It is designed to take the whole church family on a journey to discover how the gospel should shape every part of their life and witness. The full range is:
• Gospel Shaped Worship
• Gospel Shaped Outreach
• Gospel Shaped Living
• Gospel Shaped Work
• Gospel Shaped Mercy

"The Gospel Coalition believes in the priority of the local church, and that the local church is the best place to discuss these five ministry drivers and decide how to integrate them into life and mission. So, while being clear on the biblical principles, these resources give space to consider what a genuine expression of a gospel-shaped church looks like for you in the place God has put you, and with the people he has gathered into fellowship with you."
- Don Carson and Tim Keller


John Mark Yeats

Dean, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

Gospel Shaped Worship artfully dismantles our destructive and misplaced ideas about worship while turning our attention to what Scripture actually says. The study incorporates solid instruction and thoughtful interaction that weds together personal devotion, small-group Bible study and Sunday Morning preaching in a way that highlights the beauty of the local church.

Dave Harvey

Pastor of Preaching, Four Oaks Church, Tallahassee, FL

Since all of life is worship, this Gospel-Centered Worship curriculum by Jared Wilson sings with significance. Using his skill at simplifying the complex, Jared communicates the heart of worship through the heart of a pastor – simply, lovingly, creatively, accessibly.  Any pastor, church or Bible study group wanting to understand how the Savior's finished work connects to our daily worship has now found a suitable and substantive resource to connect the dots.

Bryan Chapell

Senior Pastor, Grace Presbyterian Church, Peoria, IL, Former Chancellor of Covenant Theological Seminary in St. Louis, MO

In Gospel Shaped Worship, Jared Wilson offers us a very helpful way to consider how our lives, as well as our church services, can be shaped, enriched and empowered by the gospel of grace.

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Gospel Shaped Worship

Adrian Reynolds, The Proclamation Trust, July 6, 2015

Some of us (not all, I know!) struggle for small group material. It’s not uncommon to find that our small group leaders are not the best Bible teachers. This resource is a great help. I reviewed the whole of this one DVD in the series and loved it. Jared Wilson is a clear teacher and the accompanying material is first class.... continue reading

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Nov. 8, 2015

“Useful Material/ important subject”

(Review written for 'Gospel Shaped Worship - HD episodes')

We've found this course helpful for the church, the presentation is well done, the material is faithfully Biblical, though the discussion questions sometimes need help to get them going.

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$94.99 $47.50