The Glory of the Cross (ebook)

The Glory of the Cross ebook

Reflections for Lent from the Gospel of John

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Daily readings from the Gospel of John to prepare your heart for Easter

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In many ways, Easter is supposed to be the high-point of the year for Christians, where we remember the three days that changed history for ever. But for many of us, the day quickly comes and goes without us really feeling any different. Yet for centuries Christians around the world have marked the season of Lent—the forty days leading up to Easter—as a way of reflecting on their need for forgiveness and anticipating Christ's work on the cross.

These daily readings present deep theology in a concise and understandable way, allowing you to soak up the real meaning of Christ's death and resurrection. Each week, you'll read through one or two chapters of John's Gospel. The Sunday reading provides an introduction to the passage as a whole, while the rest of the week's reflections work through it in smaller sections. A carefully selected prayer—drawn from the rich work of writers throughout church history—is included each day.

So this Lent, prepare your heart with 47 days of short and stirring reflections from the Gospel of John.

Written by Tim Chester, the author of the best-selling Advent readings, The One True Light.

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  • 47 daily readings from the Gospel of John
  • Introduction: John 5 v 16-30
  • Lent week 1: John 3
  • Lent week 2: John 6
  • Lent week 3: John 10 – 11
  • Lent week 4: John 12
  • Lent week 5: John 18 – 19
  • Holy Week: John 20


Author Tim Chester
ISBN 9781784982577
Format eBook
Language English
Pages 160
Publisher The Good Book Company

Simon Manchester

Senior Minister, St Thomas' Anglican Church, North Sydney

I would want a good supply of these Lenten readings to be on our bookstall right through the year. So often books of readings are cheesy, shallow, frothy and self-centred. These three-page readings however are honouring to Christ, careful with the text, perceptive and edifying. You can give this book to a seeker, new Christian or long-time disciple. Tim Chester takes sections of John’s Gospel and shows us the majesty and mercy of Jesus, giving us a great resource.

Gary Millar

Principal, Queensland Theological College

The Glory of the Cross is a brilliant resource. Tim writes beautifully, accessibly and concisely. As well as shedding light on the text of John’s Gospel, he adds a rich diversity of comments and prayers from the full range of Christian history. The chapters are rich enough for anyone to benefit from, but short enough for anyone to manage (a rare balance!). While the idea of 47 readings for “Lent” may not immediately resonate with many of us, this book provides a marvellous way to work through John’s Gospel in the run-up to Easter (or actually, at any time). I hope this book is widely used, for if it is, the benefit to God’s people as we chew over John’s Gospel will be significant.

Rev'd James Lawrence

Leadership Principal, CPAS

What a helpful book. Clear: it focuses us on Jesus. Wise: it reminds us that his work on the cross is sufficient. Rewarding: it offers reflections and prayers that reveal the treasures of John’s Gospel. A great resource to use through Lent. Buy it for yourself and give one to a friend.

Customer reviews


“Book to get you thinking”

(Review written for 'The Glory of the Cross')

Have been reading this book during Lent and have found it very helpful. It gives me plenty to think about and I feel is drawing me closer to Jesus.


“The heart of Lent, bringing us to the heart of Easter”

(Review written for 'The Glory of the Cross')

This is a great resource. A number of people at my church are reading this together each day through Lent. I'm finding that it is a very helpful way to prepare for Easter.

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