A Better Than Anything Christmas

Explore How Jesus Makes Christmas Better

Advent devotional helping your family get more excited about Jesus at Christmas than anything else.

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A Better Than Anything Christmas is the second Advent devotional for families from Barbara Reaoch, author of the very popular A Jesus Christmas.

These daily devotions in the Gospels give a thorough investigation of why Jesus came. In the lead-up to Christmas, families will explore 25 reasons why Jesus came, and they will see that what Jesus gives us is better than anything else we could wish for.

Each day there is a passage to read together, questions to think about, an explanation and a prayer. There are also age-appropriate application questions, some for younger children and some for older children, as well as journalling space so that each family member can write or draw their own response to what God has shown them.

So get each family member a copy of A Better Than Anything Christmas and a Bible, and find ten minutes a day in December to look at God's word together so that kids get more excited about Jesus than anything else that Christmas offers.

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  • Before You Begin
  • Some Useful Bible Words
  • Dec 1: Luke 1 v 26-33 - Jesus keeps all God’s promises
  • Dec 2: Luke 1 v 34-38 - Jesus gives life purpose
  • Dec 3: Luke 1 v 46-52 - Jesus takes away our guilt and shame
  • Dec 4: Luke 1 v 53-55 - Jesus fills us with himself
  • Dec 5: Luke 1 v 11-17 - Jesus gives us a new heart
  • Dec 6: Luke 1 v 67-75 - Jesus sets us free to live for him
  • Dec 7: Mt 1 v 18-21 - Jesus gives us life forever
  • Dec 8: Luke 2 v 8-12 - Jesus gives us new wants
  • Dec 9: Luke 2 v 13-14 - Jesus is our Peace
  • Dec 10: Luke 2 v 15-20 - Jesus is our treasure
  • Dec 11: Luke 2 v 22-24 - Jesus is our Royal Robe
  • Dec 12: Luke 2 v 25-32 - Jesus gives us eyes to see God
  • Dec 13: Luke 2 v 33-35 - Jesus took our place to give us his
  • Dec 14: Luke 2 v 36-38 - Jesus is our Defender
  • Dec 15: Mt 1 v 22-23 - Jesus is with us and for us
  • Dec 16: Mt 2 v 1-6 - Jesus is our Forever King
  • Dec 17: Mt 2 v 9-12 - Jesus makes our heart his home
  • Dec 18: Mt 2 v 13-18 - Jesus loves us enough to warn us
  • Dec 19: John 1 v 1-5 - Jesus gives us his mind
  • Dec 20: John 1 v 1-3 - Jesus gives us his identity
  • Dec 21: John 1 v 4-5 - Jesus gives us light to God
  • Dec 22: John 1 v 9-12 - Jesus gives us a home with him in heaven
  • Dec 23: John 1 v 9-13 - Jesus gives us Rest; his work counts for us.
  • Dec 24: John 1 v 14 - Jesus gives us eyes to see God
  • Dec 25: John 1 v 14, 16-18 - Jesus came to give us himself!
  • Extra family journaling space

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Age range: 4 - 11
Author Barbara Reaoch
ISBN 9781784985301
Format Paperback
First published October 2020
Dimensions 152mm x 229mm x 6mm
Language English
Pages 96
Publisher The Good Book Company

Taryn Hayes

Author, Seekers of the Lost Boy; Podcast Co-host, The Gospel Coalition Australia's The Lydia Project: Conversations with Christian Women

In a world where Christmas is more commercialized than ever before, it is all too easy for parents to drown in the noise of it all. Barbara Reaoch’s "A Better Than Anything Christmas" is a welcome and refreshing opportunity for parents to zero in on what is truly important: the gospel. The daily advent readings and questions make for excellent family discussions around who Jesus is and why He came. We loved Barbara’s "A Jesus Christmas" for how it offered our children an opportunity to grapple with big doctrinal ideas in a way that was easily digestible, even cross-culturally. I look forward to sharing "A Better Than Anything Christmas" with the family this Christmas, most especially for how it promotes theologically robust discussion and a deepening and enduring understanding of God’s Word. From toddlers to teens, this devotional offers far greater value than even the most beautifully wrapped packages beneath the tree.

Champ Thornton

Pastor; author The Radical Book for Kids and Why Do We Say Good Night?

Families will love reading this 25-day Advent devotional together! With daily Bible discussion, interactive questions, and lots of extra activities, "A Better Than Anything Christmas" will light up your children’s eyes and bring joy to your heart. Drawing on decades of experience, Barbara Reaoch beautifully uses simple language to paint deep truth. Simply charming.

Joni Eareckson Tada

Joni and Friends International Disability Center

Young families today want to celebrate the Savior's birth in a creative, fun and meaningful way—a new way! Barbara Reaoch delivers the perfect 'package' of fresh ideas in her excellent new book, A Better Than Anything Christmas. The colorful illustrations, interactive projects, family discussion points, stories, and more focus every member of the family on the extraordinary gifts that Jesus Christ brought with him when he came to earth. As you prepare for the Advent season, consider this unique book as your Christmas-toolbox; I give it my double thumbs-up!

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A Better Than Anything Christmas | Barbara Reaoch | $12.99