An Ocean of Grace

A Journey to Easter with Great Voices From the Past

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Reflect on Jesus in the run-up to Easter with this inspiring collection of daily devotions and prayers from great Christian writers of the past.

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An inspiring collection of daily devotions and prayers from great Christian writers of the past, including Augustine, Charles Spurgeon, John Bunyan, Catherine Parr and Martin Luther.

The heart-warming words of these saints of old exalt the grace and glory of Christ's work, and will encourage and inspire readers as much today as they did when they were first written.

Each daily reading has been selected, edited and introduced by Tim Chester to make these treasures accessible to every reader. They will help you reflect on Jesus in the run-up to Easter. Ideal to start at the beginning of Lent.

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  • Introduction and the Beginning of Lent
  • Week 1: The Light of Love
  • Week 2: The Welcome of Grace
  • Week 2: The Exchange of Places
  • Week 4: The Assurance of Faith
  • Week 5: The Gift of Christ
  • Holy Week: The Victory of God


Contributors Tim Chester
ISBN 9781784985790
Format Paperback
First published January 2021
Dimensions 135mm x 216mm x 8.4mm
Language English
Pages 160
Publisher The Good Book Company

Steven Lawson

President and Founder, OnePassion Ministries

Voices from the past provide great encouragement in the present as we navigate our way into the future. In this devotional book, Tim Chester has drawn collected writings from those who have gone before to inspire us as we run the race set before us. Here are classic meditations designed to prepare our hearts for celebrating the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ at Easter. In these pages, I am certain you will find strength for your journey of faith.

Kathleen Nielson

Author; Speaker

This collection of prayers from the past is a gift that stands out in a world of quick and casual words. Tim Chester has provided a profoundly beautiful way to help lead the church in prayer during the Lenten season. The prayers of these men and women are not only saturated with biblical truth; they are also shaped with imagination that awakens us and love for Jesus that pierces our hearts.

Clare Heath-Whyte

Author, Old Wives Tales

Lent is a great time to slow down and take time to think again about the events of the first Easter. This book helps us to do just that. After a typically clear and thoughtful introduction by Tim Chester, each day there is a treasure from a great Christian writer of the past. Each of these prayers, poems and mediations makes us slow down and take time as we get to grips with the richness of the language and the depth of thought, and allow these writers of old to bring us fresh insights into the wonders of the gospel.

Independent reviews

"Drew my heart to the heart of Christ"

Jesvin Jose, January 5th 2021

This book by Tim Chester is no ordinary book of prayers - it'll warm our hearts to Christ's love for us, but it'll also teach us how to pray! Yes, it is a collection of prayers mostly from the Puritans and other saints in the past, but every prayer will draw our hearts closer to Jesus. My heart was drawn to the heart of Christ as I meditated on these Christ-centered prayers.... continue reading


"great for every Christian"

James Schroeder, January 4th 2020

I found the perspective Christian saints throughout the church’s 2000 years of existence helpful in my own walk with Christ. With quotes from Luther, Calvin, Spurgeon, John Owen, Ambrose, and more, it is bound to stir your affections. Every generation has its own emphasis and blind spots.... continue reading


"a focus on Christ’s sacrifice is always relevant"

Bethany Davidson, January 24th 2021

I would definitely encourage readers to not limit this book’s use to Easter. Even though Chester designed it for the season of Lent, this collection of daily readings can encourage and help a Christian at any time for the year.... continue reading

Customer reviews


“Different perspectives from the past”

I've loved reading each day's devotional this Lent, hearing voices from the past most of whom are new to me, though I first started reading George Herbert's poetry many years ago as a teenager. The different perspectives on Christ's sacrifice have been really helpful, and the language is beautiful.

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