Putting Parenting to Bed - Sample Pack

Putting Parenting to Bed - Sample Pack

Uncommon sense for modern parents

Putting Parenting to Bed is a 3 or 6 session course for parents to give them some simple, common-sense basics for raising children.

Part of the Putting Parenting to Bed series.

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The Putting Parenting To Bed Course can be three or six sessions and gives parents some simple, common-sense basics for raising children with confidence, based on the age-old, tried & tested wisdom of the Bible. It also gives parents an opportunity to think through the bigger questions of life that can lead to a real opportunity to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The new DVD features interviews and acted-out scenarios, as well as the main talk from presenter Ann Benton, making the course even easier to run.

This sample pack includes a copy of the Study Guide, Leader's Guide and DVD.

Perfect to use as an outreach course in your community or toddler groups, as well as with parents in your church.

Download the promotional trailer to show in your church, or at mums and tots groups here.

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  • Session One: The trouble with parenting - parents!
  • Part 1 - What is a child?
  • Part 2 - Parenting pitfalls
  • Session Two: The big D-word - discipline
  • Part 1 - Communication
  • Part 2 - Discipline
  • Session Three: Live and interactive - relationship
  • Part 1 - Myths and mistakes
  • Part 2 - Values and virtues


Author Ann Benton
ISBN 9781909919488
Dimensions 149mm x 210mm x 18mm
Language English
Publisher The Good Book Company
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Run your own parenting course

Andrea Trevanna, Evangelicals Now

The Bible clearly underpinned all the principles of the course without the content being in any way pushy and it seemed very clear to everyone, from the feedback at the end of the course, that God’s way makes sense and is clearly best!... continue reading

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