Serving without sinking

How to serve Christ and keep your joy

from 7 reviews

Shows busy Christians how to serve joyfully, not wearily.

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“This fresh, warm, honest, book did me good. There is something in it for every Christian man and woman at every stage of life.”
Christopher Ash
Director of the Proclamation Trust's Cornhill Training Course
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Many of us are serving, and feel like we're sinking. We feel joyless, weary and burdened.

John Hindley shows how Jesus was telling the truth when he offered people an "easy yoke"—a way of serving him that is joyful and liberating. He explains why serving is so often joyless—and how our identity in Christ changes everything.

If you are serving, but sometimes feel as though you're sinking… you need this book!

If you know someone who has burn out, or is heading in that direction... they need this book too.

Serving with sinking...
• Is written in a personal, warm, gospel-hearted style.
• Encourages readers to see not only how they serve, but WHY they serve
• Points Christians away from themselves and back to Jesus
• Frees people from the burdens of joyless, duty-based serving

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  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Serving can be joyful
  • 3. A wrong view of God
  • 4. A wrong view of people
  • 5. Served by Christ
  • 6. Friends with the Boss
  • 7. Bride of the King
  • 8. Sons in the Father's business
  • 9. Still being served
  • 10. The gift of service
  • 11. Service is love
  • 12. Slaves with a Master
  • 13. The joy of serving Jesus

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Author John Hindley
ISBN 9781908762351
Format Paperback
Dimensions 129mm x 198mm x 10mm
Language English
Pages 144
Publisher The Good Book Company

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David Jones

Moderator General of the Presbyterian Church of Australia

This book is warm, personal, pastoral and practical. It is searching and Christ exalting. It will change your life and help you to change the lives of others. Highly recommended.

Tim Challies


As I was reading Serving Without Sinking I found myself in conversations with some of the very people it addresses--people who serve their church and who love to serve, but who are also growing weary. It was a joy to recommend the book to them and I anticipate that it will be a great blessing to them. And to you.

Paul Dale

Senior Pastor of Church by the Bridge, Sydney

Written with excellent biblical insights, the book exposes our wrong motives for serving, points us back to our Lord Jesus, and then wonderfully inspires us to serve him with ongoing joy. The tone is warm, the illustrations are both personal and applicable, and the style is so accessible. I'm thankful for renewed joy in serving Jesus after reading this book, and I thoroughly commend it.

Independent reviews

Serving Without Sinking

Tim Challies,, May 21st 2013

As I was reading Serving Without Sinking I found myself in conversations with some of the very people it addresses—people who serve their church and who love to serve, but who are also growing weary. It was a joy to recommend the book to them and I anticipate that it will be a great blessing to them. And to you.... continue reading

Too Driven?

Rob Ivveson, Evangelicals Now

Serving without sinking is an important book and a necessary one. It exposes how driven we can be (at times subtly) – even in the name of God-honouring ministry.... continue reading

Serving without sinking

Dave McDonald, Macarisms, June 14th 2013

This new book is seriously one of the most important books I’ve read. It is deeply, simply, and accurately theological. Serving without Sinking by John Hindley is liberating and empowering because it points above all to God’s grace in Jesus. It honours Christ by focusing on him, rather than you and I.... continue reading

Customer reviews



A very encouraging read for those who are in full time service doing the Lords work. Uplifting and encouraging to the soul, through difficult days we must pput our hand to the plough and not to look back. For greater is He that is in us than he that's in the world. A must read for everyone.


“Amazing second read”

(Review written for 'Serving without sinking (ebook)')

I first read this book when it came out, and enjoyed it, but younger in ministry I just didn't grasp some of its brilliance. Several years on and I can greater appreciate its brilliance. You see yourself as in a mirror and it's a worrying sight. Somehow John manages to help you to see your mistakes without crushing you, and gently leads you through a simple biblical understanding of the true heart of service, whilst restoring with insightful questions methods to restore the father's heart behind, and gift of service. This is a good read for all those in any form of Christian service, and those who are not. Be prepared to be challenged and loved.


“Highly recommended!”

(Review written for 'Serving without sinking (ebook)')

Every Christian should read this book!


“Great book”

I really enjoyed this book -it's honest and yet loving and hopeful, constantly pointing the reader back to the gospel, Christ's character and what he's done for us. There were helpful insights, some of which were new to me, and I loved the joy, rest and peace that this book points us to when we serve in a right way.


“Extremely helpful”

(Review written for 'Serving without sinking (ebook)')

Whatever stage you are at in your Christian life, this book is extremely helpful. Hindley writes with both honesty and a real love for Jesus, making this book down to earth but also a joyful read. Whether you love getting stuck into church life or (more likely) you struggle to serve with right motives, or serve at all, this book will help you to serve joyfully, whatever the ministry, and love the trinitarian God even more.


“A life-changing joy to read”

I am in danger of becoming a huge bore, the amount I am recommending and talking about this book.

Deceptively small, this is a collection of nuggets of theology that, succinctly unpacked, are likely to transform your relationship with God as you serve him.

As someone else has said it applies to our service in all areas of life, not just for the church.

It's helped us rediscover the pure joy of our Saviour Jesus Christ and how that joy, peace and rest inspires us to truly serve out of love for the One who loves us so perfectly.

It's also extremely accessible and easy to read and humorous without being cheesy.

Thank you SO much to the author and his wife!


“Goes to the heart of why we serve”

Are you a young mum at home with toddlers, a CEO of a big company, a friend, a wife, a daughter in law, a husband, a son, a brother, a vicar, a nurse, a teacher ? All of us are serving in some capacity. This short book will really help you get to the heart of WHY you serve. Is our serving deepening our trust in Jesus or are we just hanging on to a role to prove to the world who we are? The life of faith is never perfect but this book will show you how every day it can be a life which clings on to the person and promises of Jesus.

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Serving without sinking | John Hindley | $16.99