Download the full size images - The Storm that Stopped

Download the full size images - The Storm that Stopped

Get the full colour, full size images to use in presentations

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Get the full colour, full size images to use when reading The Storm that Stopped to large groups

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Full size images of the beautiful illustrations in The Storm that Stopped to use on big screens. Together with the hardback storybook these images allow you to read the story while showing the pictures on a large screen so that everyone can see them.

Perfect for use in groups with children aged 3-6 years old. Simply add to basket and the link to download will appear in your confirmation email upon purchase.

The Storm that Stopped is based on the account of Jesus calming the storm from Mark chapter 4. This dramatic storybook will teach children about who Jesus really is, as they witness his power over nature.

Stunningly illustrated by Catalina Echeverri, author and illustrator of several bestselling children's books as well as the first two storybooks from the 'Tales that Tell the Truth' series: The Christmas Promise and The One O'Clock Miracle.

Written by Alison Mitchell, author of The Christmas Promise and several of our children's tracts.

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Author Alison Mitchell, Catalina Echeverri
Format Digital Download
Language English
Publisher The Good Book Company

"Jesus had finished teaching the crowd, and now he had something to teach his friends - but they didn’t know it yet...” Alison Mitchell has cleverly retold Mark’s account of Jesus calming the storm, focusing readers on what Jesus had taught his own disciples - he does what only God can do. "The Storm That Stopped" is beautifully illustrated and is a great addition to every child’s must-have list.

Sandy Galea

MBM Children’s Minister, Rooty Hill Anglican, Sydney (

It was no surprise to find “The Storm that Stopped” gripped my children. The narrative and the illustrations combine to help my children feel the disciples’ wildly changing emotions through the story. We felt the storm! My children love the visual scales measuring the impact of the storm. I love the final pages which excellently and simply help us understand that this story has a clear purpose in showing us who Jesus Christ is. Thank you!

Ed Drew

Children's Worker, Dundonald Church

"The Storm that Stopped" is a beautiful book. The illustrations are superb and the storytelling is engaging and delightful. I love all the different characters, and the expressions on their faces. The book tells the true story of Jesus stilling the storm. Wonderfully, it starts by setting the context, and explaining the purpose of the story: "Jesus had something to teach his friends". The story is told faithfully and with imagination, climaxing with who Jesus really is. This book is a must for children, parents, grandparents, godparents and Sunday school teachers. And if you're none of these, then still buy it! I love it.

Jane Watkins

Head of Children's Work, Above Bar Church, Southampton

Independent reviews

The Storm That Stopped

Catherine Brooks, August 18th 2015

They (The Good Book Co.) aim to make an excellent picture book, and they’ve certainly achieved that. It’s quite long, building up the suspense, so contains page after page of illustrations which really capture a child’s imagination. It begins by explaining the context of the miracle, and as far as I can see it sticks closely to the Bible text. It also comes to a spot-on conclusion at the end: the whole reason Jesus did the miracle.... continue reading

"One of the most creative children's books we've seen"

IDEA Magazine, IDEA Magazine, July 1st 2016

Opening up the beautiful hardback reveals fantastic illustrations and beautiful storytelling. The story of Jesus calming the storm is used to show not only a little about Jesus’ life and how much he cared for his friends, but also that he was, and indeed is, God. … One of the most creative children’s books we’ve seen.... continue reading

"A beautiful, simple and wonderful illustrated hardback book."

Jon Gemmell, The Proclamation Trust, July 16th 2017

When bedtime stories are the highlight of the evening and the words and pictures generate a combination of intrigue, excitement as well as learning then everyone is on to a winner.... continue reading

Customer reviews

“About time”

(Review written for 'The Storm That Stopped')

It's refreshing to find a series of children's books that have up-to-date illustrations without compromising Biblical accuracy. I enjoyed reading it with my daughter and am delighted that she enjoys 'reading' it herself.


“A Must Have For Families”

(Review written for 'The Storm That Stopped')

I highly recommend this book and all in the series. Through amazing visuals, the true story of Jesus shines forth. Children will be captivated but equally, adults will find surprising reminders of the awesomeness of Jesus.


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Download the full size images - The Storm that Stopped | Alison Mitchell, Catalina Echeverri | $7.99