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Bible notes for young people

A year's worth of Bible reading notes for 11-13 year olds; a total of four issues that will be posted quarterly.

Part of the Discover series.

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Each issue of Discover contains three months worth of daily Bible reading notes that will help 11-13 year olds to build their lives firmly on the gospel and a knowledge of the Bible. It's jammed full of straightforward, no-nonsense explanation of God's Word. Bursting with puzzles, questions and top teaching to help the reader get stuck into the Bible..

Sign up to an annual Engage subscription (which covers 4 issues) and every quarter we will deliver a copy direct to your door.

You will receive the January-April issue in December, the April-June issue in March, the July-September issue in June and the October-December issue in Septmeber. If you join part way through a quarter you will receive the issue for the next quarter the month before it starts.

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Age range: 11 - 13
Format Saddle stitch
Dimensions 148mm x 210mm x 4mm
Language English
Pages 96
Publisher The Good Book Company
Customer reviews


“Great for independent reading of the Bible”

My 9 year old really loves this. He enjoyed XTB but felt he was a bit old for it and was really keen to do something similar. He likes that he can do it independently (we look through it together afterwards), enjoys the code words and other fun things. I think it is great the notes explain the more difficult words in the passages. He's so keen to do his study each night. Thank you Good Book Company!


“Really encouraged”

I am really encouraged that something like this exist for this age group. It's something my daughter really engages with.



(Review written for 'Discover: Book 3')

Quick response to order. Books for Pathfinder youngsters who had asked for them having had nos 1 and 2 so clearly well received.


“Good initial response”

(Review written for 'Discover: Book 3')

I bought this booklet of Bible Reading Notes for my 12 year old granddaughter who had tried many types and enjoyed them, but was looking for some thing fresh. Initial reaction was welcoming and positive, but I hvae not heard from her recently.



(Review written for 'Discover: Book 1')

Great Bible reading notes which my 11 year old and 13 year old both enjoy and find useful.



(Review written for 'Discover...the Meaning of Life')

These notes have engaged my 11 year old son perhaps more than anything else we've used before.


“A Great Resource”

(Review written for 'Discover: Book 1')

These are a great resource for helping the younger teenagers (and pre-teens) to get stuck into God's word. They are fun, accessible, faithful and helpfully point the reader to Christ. We've given these to those who have been Christians for years and those who are still exploring who Jesus is. Both groups have engaged well with the material and found them useful! Thanks for putting them together!


“Buy them!”

Excellent Bible "studies" for youngsters. My grandsons enjoy reading them and are learning good clear , engaging Bible teaching at the same win!


“Great Resource”

(Review written for 'Discover 69 (Jan - Mar 2015)')

Great resource. I use this with my 12 and 10 year olds. We enjoy the good mix of reading, explanation and puzzles which keep them interested and engaged. It takes us around 15 mins each day which is just the right time to reinforce the importance of daily Bible reading among the other activities.


“Seems to have caught their attention! ”

My 9 year old daughter went off to a camp at Easter and invited two friends who have relatively little Christian bible input. I was so excited, and thrilled when they had so much fun. I was even more thrilled though when A offered to get her friend bible reading notes and she agreed to take them! Both 9/10 yr old girls and the other 11 year old boy are reading the bible every night and enjoying it. A great start for them all. Thank you!

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