90 days in Genesis, Exodus, Galatians & Psalms (ebook)

90 days in Genesis, Exodus, Galatians & Psalms ebook

Discover new depths in God’s word with the Reformers, including Luther, Calvin, Bullinger and Cranmer

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Ninety days of open-Bible devotionals with famous Reformers including Luther and Calvin. Includes space for journaling.

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Let Calvin, Luther, Bullinger and Cranmer sit alongside you as you open up your Bible day by day. The writings of these Reformers have been edited, and in parts translated, by Dr Lee Gatiss. Each day includes helpful questions and prompts to apply the Reformers' insights to your life and bring the Reformation to life in your own devotional walk with God.

2017 is the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation. Explore with the Reformers includes brief biographies of John Calvin, Martin Luther, Heinrich Bullinger and Thomas Cranmer.

Enjoy the treasures of Genesis, the Psalms, Galatians, the Ten Commandments, and more.

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  • • Genesis (John Calvin)
  • • Galatians (Martin Luther)
  • • Psalms (John Calvin)
  • • The Ten Commandments (Heinrich Bullinger)
  • • Scripture, Sin and Salvation (Thomas Cranmer)
  • • The Creed (Heinrich Bullinger)


Author Lee Gatiss
ISBN 9781784982324
Format Digital Download
Language English
Pages 288
Publisher The Good Book Company

There is a freshness and power to the words of these Reformers as they share their knowledge of the word of God with us. This book will be a blessing to you as you spend time in the company of these men of God.

Peter Jensen

Former Anglican Archbishop of Sydney

In an age when modern devotionals have been published at an exponential rate, untold riches still lie untapped in the commentary, sermons, and devotional writing of our great forbears. This work makes some of the most spiritually penetrating material of the past accessible to readers today. Don’t miss this!

Timothy Keller

Redeemer Presbyterian Church, New York City

If there was an easy way each day to get some food from the bible, some gold from the Reformers, some hooks to my brain and some light for my prayers, I'd be very grateful. I am now very grateful.

Simon Manchester

Senior Minister, St Thomas' North Sydney and author of "Six Steps to Talking about Jesus"

Customer reviews

“It was really interesting to understand the hearts and minds of the great reformers.”

(Review written for '90 Days in Genesis, Exodus, Psalms & Galatians')

Although I have read the history of the great reformers and the changes that came about through their work and witness, I had never read their personal understanding and experience of certain Scriptures. It was such a good exercise to get into their minds and hearts. I kept realizing that some things don't change.


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90 days in Genesis, Exodus, Galatians & Psalms (ebook) | Lee Gatiss | $9.99