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Gospel Centred Life

Becoming the person God wants you to be

Gospel Centred Life (ebook)

By: Tim Chester & Steve Timmis
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Discover how, in the gospel, everyday problems and experiences can be transformed.


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Meet James, who is struggling to relate the Bible to his dull, difficult life.
Or Kate, who is trying hard as a Christian, yet is deeply disappointed with God.
Or Susie, who dutifully shows up at church each Sunday, but feels alone and out of it.
Or Andrew, whose courage fails him every time he tries to share the gospel with his workmates—leaving him feeling guilty and a failure.

How can ordinary Christians live the truly extraordinary life that God calls us to? By focusing our attention on the grace of God shown to us in the gospel, everyday problems and experiences like these, familiar to Christians everywhere, can be transformed as the cross of Christ becomes the motive and measure of everything we do.

Sympathetic to our struggles... clear and concise... rooted in the Bible... relevant to our everyday experience... Gospel-Centred Life shows how every Christian can follow the way of the cross as they embrace the liberating grace of God in Christ.

Use this workbook to help you, your small group or your whole church grow into Christian maturity.

Table of contents

  • Part One: Gospel-Centred Change
  • 1. A life for God
  • It's not about me - it's about God and His glory
  • 2. A life for others
  • It's not about me - it's about loving God and others
  • 3. A life of change
  • God is making me more like Jesus for His glory and my good
  • 4. A life of miracles
  • The Holy Spirit changes me through the gospel
  • Part Two: Gospel-Centred Perspectives
  • 5. Look up to God
  • I respond to the gospel with daily faith and repentance
  • 6. Look back to the cross
  • The cross is the foundation and pattern of my life
  • 7. Look around to the Christian community
  • Belonging to Jesus means belonging to His community
  • 8. Look forward to eternity
  • Eternal glory offers more than this life
  • Part Three: Gospel-Centred Living
  • 9. Decisions
  • My top priority is serving Christ
  • 10. Relationships
  • I have a duty of care that involves taking the initiative to serve and resolve conflict
  • 11. Friends
  • My willingness to speak of Jesus arises from my delight in Jesus
  • 12. Horizons
  • The gospel enlarges my horizons, giving me a concern for God's world
  • 13. Possessions
  • God gives me blessing that I might glorify Him
  • 14. Suffering
  • God gives me suffering that I might glorify Him

Additional Information

Author Tim Chester, Steve Timmis
ISBN 9781908317414
Format Electronic book text
Pages 128
No. of studies 14
Publisher The Good Book Company

Customer Reviews

Broad range of resource, excellent customer service

(Review written for 'Gospel Centred Life')

 A broad range of resources to support many areas of growth of christian life. Very useful suggestions in email letters and helpful catalogue. Customer service quickly responds to queries and orders in a way which many much larger retailers fail to achieve. I have no concern in recommending the Good Book Company. 

| Review by | 27/07/2013

Helping us to become better missionaries!

(Review written for 'Gospel-Centered Life')

 I'm a church planter and this blog is published to help my core group and missional community grow in their understanding and living of the Christian life on mission through missional training.

One of the resources that I'm using is Steve Timmis & Tim Chester's The Gospel-Centred Life: becoming the person God wants you to be. This material was created to help "Ordinary Christians live the truly extraordinary life that God calls us to." It continually teaches and demonstrates, through scriptures and stories, how the Gospel message changes everything. It will help reshape your identity, how you spend your time and money, how you prioritize your life, how you deal with heartache and how you witness to others in everyday non-threatening ways.

This booklet could be used as a small group study. Yet we are using it more for a weekly devotion for each of our leaders. Our Core group meets every Tuesday. I ask them to read each chapter on their own every Wednesday and come back to it once or twice a week. I want my core group to not only read the content but to live it and incorporate it into their lives. Then at the next meeting we discuss the content and how we've put it into action or how it's changed us. This material has been a helpful tool to slowly shift our perspectives and priorities. Its helped us to understand the Gospel more and to understand how to live with greater Gospel intentionality. 

| Review by | 11/11/2011


(Review written for 'Gospel-Centred Life')

 There are a number of good features of this book. First it makes the reader think, and doesn't provide answers in the back. Secondly it covers three major dimensions of Christian living and illustrates in practical ways what Christian living looks like. As such it is an excellent resource for people who have recently been converted as well as a timely reminder to those who for years have been in complacent ruts. Thirdly its teaching is related to the Bible. Having said that it is rather daunting to plunge into the Corinthians' question about food offered to idols at the start to get at the verses about living to the glory of God. We get no help with key ideas such as 'crucifying the flesh'. We are sometimes asked questions about the case studies with which each chapter begins when we lack contextual information about the characters e.g. p.37. 

| Review by | 06/06/2011

Love this material!

(Review written for 'Gospel-Centred Life')

 I'm using this material with our High School students for Bible study, and it is wonderful. The students love it, and we are all being challenged both in our theology and in our practical lifestyles as Christians. Highly recommend this resource for anyone looking for a quality, deep, challenging bible study. 

| Review by | 10/10/2010

Excellent book plenty of advice and easy to follow.

(Review written for 'Gospel-Centred Life')

 I found this book a very good read with plenty of food for thought, it is very well written and you can feel yourself being spoken to in many vparts.
I would recomend this book to any who might need a nudge in the right direction or who just wants a spiritual hand up. 

| Review by | 07/09/2010

An excellent and informative read.

(Review written for 'Gospel-Centred Life')

 I have found reading this book has helped me with ways that I have been thinking for a while and wondering where to turn to.
It has also given me a lot of scope to work on in bible study, it makkes you think and then helps you to find an answer maybe not in full agreement with what is written but your own answer. Highly recomended. 

| Review by | 06/08/2010

Christ-exalting, grace-giving, gospel-living stuff!

(Review written for 'Gospel-Centred Life')

 Currently working through this as a HomeGroup and benefitting greatly from it. Theologically it's solid (as you'd expect from these boys) but its real value lies in its core commitment to help us apply the gospel practically in real life. The discussion questions are great as they lend themselves to group discussions that can be as deep or as simple as the needs of the group demand and for many in our group (including me) the studies have resulted in a greater appreciation of and commitment to the gospel of grace! The only thing I would comment on negatively would be that the studies assume a certain degree of background gospel understanding, so for those who are completely new to the gospel there are a few blanks that need filling in along the way (but this is no problem if the group leader has got a clue!)

In conclusion, it's a great resource to get your hands on and one that I heartily recommend to anyone whose heart's desire is to bring glory to God by living a gospel-centred life! 

| Review by | 21/04/2010

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