Eternity changes everything ebook

How to live now in the light of your future

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Thrills Christians about their eternal future, and shows how that future changes their present.

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“We are reminded that we were made for a new world that is coming, that the best is yet to be.”
Tom Schreiner
Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
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Our view of the future affects how we feel and act in the present. Stephen Witmer excites us about where the world is heading, gives certainty about where we as individuals are heading, and thrills us about how eternity really does change everything in our daily lives.

If you are worried about your future… or if your future doesn't seem to make any difference to your now… or if you simply want to get more excited about where you will spend eternity… read this book!

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  • 1. Your future in your present
  • 2. Everything new
  • 3. He will dwell with them
  • 4. The future is certain
  • 5. Your future is certain
  • 6. Tightrope walking
  • 7. Restlessness
  • 8. Patience
  • 9. Heavenly citizens
  • 10. Needing this world less
  • 11. Loving this world more
  • 12. Restless patience


Author Stephen Witmer
ISBN 9781909919167
Format Electronic book text
Language English
Pages 128
Publisher The Good Book Company
Customer reviews

“Not sure!!”

(Review written for 'Eternity changes everything')

Hmm...I agree with some of the reviews in that the author encourages you to view eternity positively,but...
It would seem to me he is more concerned with a "paradise earth" than heaven. Indeed at one point, he says that,"Heaven is not as good as it gets..." and that "Heaven is not our final destination"(chapter 2) At the end of that chapter he says," what an amazing indication of the beauty of the new creation:it's better than heaven. This is the future of our world." Don't think I can agree with this in the light of scripture. If you hadn't asked me for this review, I intended getting in touch anyway... Would appreciate your feedback on this.

Hello, thanks for your review.

I think you've read Stephen's point correctly — he is pointing us towards a 'paradise earth'. He's resting that on Bible passages such as Revelation 21 v 1-4, where John sees a new heaven and a new earth, and in which God dwells with his people (just as he did in this world, in Eden, before the fall); and 1 Corinthians 15 v 35-57, where Paul teaches that we'll receive our resurrection bodies when Christ returns.

So while heaven right now is amazing, it's not where we were created to live eternally - we were designed to have a bodily existence in a physical world. This is also what the prophets promised (eg Isaiah 65 v 17-25). In one sense, you could call that place 'heaven' or 'earth' — but I think Stephen wants in his book to encourage us to see that the Bible teaches that our eternal future is physical, and 'earthy' - and perfect!

Hope this helps, thanks, Carl Laferton (Editor)


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