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XTB 1: The Book of Beginnings

Bible discovery for children

XTB 1: The Book of Beginnings

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Investigate the book of Genesis, Matthew and Acts. See how God always keeps his promises.


Investigate the beginning of everything in the book of Genesis.

Zoom in on Matthew and Acts to discover who Jesus is and why He came.

See how God always keeps his promises.

Issue One of XTB is called The Book of Beginnings and will help you investigate the beginning of the universe, the beginning of the early church and the beginning of Jesus' life and teaching on earth - plus you get free Stickers!

Other information

XTB (eXplore The Bible) is a series of daily Bible reading notes for children of the 7-11 age group, with puzzles, pictures and prayers.

XTB is beautifully presented with full-colour illustrations and is a series of 12 books which, if used on a quarterly basis, will help a child cover all of the main books, themes and characters of the Bible in 3 years.

Look out for Table Talk - a book of daily Bible times for families with children aged from 4 upwards. The Bible passages are the same each day for XTB and Table Talk - so you can use the two books together, or on their own. Whichever suits you best.

Table of contents

  • The first 15 days look at Acts, chs 1-4.
  • Days 16-29 make a start in Genesis, chs 1-9.
  • Day 30 takes a little look at Hebrews 11:7, relevant to Genesis.
  • Day 31 starts Matthew and continues to Day 50, ending in ch 7.
  • Day 51 picks up in Genesis again and covers chs 12-22 over 14 days.
  • A series of puzzles and questions at the very end of the book offer a chance to look into other parts of the Bible not covered here.

Additional Information

Age range: 7 - 11
Author Alison Mitchell
ISBN 9781873166932
Format Saddle stitch
Dimensions 210mm x 147mm
Pages 80
Publisher The Good Book Company

Customer Reviews


 My children are aged 5 and 10. Both have enjoyed this resource in different ways. My older daughter gets to show off her reading skills to her brother while learning her way around the Bible. My baby boy loved the stickers and the puzzles that he could manage. We get to have a family time around God's word each night before bedtime. It promotes lively discussion and lots of interesting questions. It's often the 5 year old who eagerly reminds us to read. 

| Review by | 14/03/2015

Just Right

 These notes are just right for our family Bible Reading times. The passage is the right length for our 6 year old to maintain concentration and the book is illustrated well. The day's reading is well structured by having the reading first followed by an activity or words to fill in to ensure the point has got through. We will continue with this series of books. 

| Review by | 14/03/2015


 We are really enjoying using the Bible Reading Notes and my 6 and a half year old loves the puzzle approach. He finds the stickers quite motivating too. I am very grateful for the encouragement to study and pray each day in an age appropriate way.
We also brought the table talk book to share with my husband who as yet is not a church goer. We haven't got around to the Table Talk yet, but are looking forward to using it. 

| Review by | 17/02/2015

For children with some Bible knowledge already

 I bought this, with the intention of going through the notes with choirboys who had absolutely no knowledge of the Bible. It was not suitable for this, but would be very good for children with Christian parents, who had some Bible knowledge, and some understanding of biblical and spiritual concepts. I think this was my mistake. the readings and activities themselves were very suitable it my children did not have the background knowledge at all to deal with the questions. 

| Review by | 02/02/2015

Given as group gifts

 I have bought 10 copies of this to give away as a gift at the end of a Christianity course with infant and junior aged children. They are not too expensive if families want to continue to buy them and I gave details of where from. In the past I have used them with my own children who enjoyed the stickers, timelines and other add-ons. No one bible study aid is perfect, but they all trigger discussion and my children looked forward to the activities in these, so that's a good thing! A lot of the activities tend towards code breaking activities (in these and other children's Bible notes), so the variety of activity can be lacking. 

| Review by | 24/01/2015

Great Resource for Kids

 I have bought this for my granddaughter for Christmas so she has not seen it yet, but I have had a good look through it and I think it is an ideal source of teaching for kids presented in a way that will appeal to them. 

| Review by | 17/12/2014

Great way to start your child on spending time with God each day!

 My 9 year old son loves this devotion. We have been using them for the past couple of years and they are great to helping children engage with the bible. 

| Review by | 08/12/2014


 My 7year old very-confident-reader daughter is loving this reading guide. I'm delighted with it. Good explanations. Even better that it starts teaching about the Holy Spirit and then is straight on to the gospel. No holds barred great teaching. The Think about it bits are genuinely thought provoking. The variety of puzzles, codes, drawing bits etc keep her fully engaged. Highly recommended. No regrets on this one. 

| Review by | 15/10/2014


(Review written for 'XTB Subscription')

 We have been XTB with our 8 year old daughter for over a year now, we use it as 'quiet time' before she goes to bed. She enjoys it so much and it has taught her to think about the Bible far more then if we had just been reading the bible with her. We will continue to do XTB with her every night and will start doing it with her younger sister as she gets older too. What a brilliant concept and very well presented. 

| Review by | 05/10/2014

Bought for grandchildren

 We bought these notes to read with the grandchildren when they came to stay recently. They seemed to engage well, and asked to read them each day. They especially liked the stickers and wished there were more. Having things to fill in helped to focus. We hope using these notes will encourage the children to develop a daily Bible reading habit. 

| Review by | 26/09/2014

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