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First published in July 1998, Explore is a quarterly publication, designed to help people to get to grips with reading the Bible on a daily basis. It encourages a devotional routine of Bible study and prayer, each issue looking at selected readings from Old and New Testament books.

Explore has daily readings that are:

- Reliable; clearly applied Bible teaching covering Old and New Testaments

- Manageable; a suggested 15 minutes per study with optional cross references for further reading

- Flexible; dated and numbered readings so you can go at your own pace

- Incisive; not a 'thought for the day' approach, but clear and careful teaching within the context of the whole of the Bible's revelation.

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  1. Explore 69 (Jan - March 2015)

    Explore 69 (Jan - March 2015) by Tim Thornborough


    Ninety-two dated and numbered daily Bible readings to help you understand the Word of God.  Learn more

  2. Explore - 1 year subscription

    Explore - 1 year subscription


    An Explore subscription will provide you with four issues of our daily Bible reading notes.  Learn more

  3. Explore: Time With God

    Explore: Time With God by Tim Thornborough


    28 Bible readings to help people get started in a regular time with God  Learn more

  4. Explore - Time with God

    Explore - Time with God by Tim Thornborough


    Encouragement to get you established in a routine of engaging with God.  Learn more

  5. Explore App

    Explore App


    The Explore app contains daily Bible readings with questions to help you engage with the Bible.  Learn more

Items 1 to 5 of 5 total

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