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Engage Bible notes have been written to help young people understand and apply the scriptures. They also seek to address relevant issues in teenagers' lives and provide a Bible reading resource that is engaging and long-lasting.

They include articles on stuff relevant to young Christians, looking at issues like self-esteem, money, sex, bereavement, etc as well as interviews with real-life Christians!

Engage includes essential information on the basics of the Christian faith, sections which tackle mind-bendingly tricky questions that confuse us all and an expanding toolkit to get readers wrestling with the Bible and understanding it for themselves without relying on what other people tell them.

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  1. Engage Annual Subscription

    Engage Annual Subscription by Martin Cole


    A year's worth, four issues, of Bible reading notes for young people.  Learn more

  2. Don't Panic!

    Don't Panic! by Martin Cole & Andrew Roycroft


    An exam survival guide including 20 daily Bible readings for stressed-out students.  Learn more

  3. Engage: Issue 1

    Engage: Issue 1 by Martin Cole


    This edition of Engage looks at Psalms, John, Genesis, Amos, Colossians and Jonah.  Learn more

  4. Engage: Issue 2

    Engage: Issue 2 by Martin Cole


    Issue 2 of Engage looks at Habakkuk, Genesis, John, Psalms, Haggai and 1 Timothy.  Learn more

  5. Engage: Issue 3

    Engage: Issue 3 by Martin Cole


    Issue 3 of Engage looks at John, Micah, Jacob & Joseph, Zechariah and Philemon!  Learn more

  6. Engage: Issue 4

    Engage: Issue 4 by Martin Cole


    Issue 4 of Engage looks at Ecclesiastes, John, Exodus, 2 Timothy & Psalms.  Learn more

  7. Engage: Issue 5

    Engage: Issue 5 by Martin Cole


    Issue 5 of Engage looks at Romans, Exodus, Luke & Psalms.  Learn more

  8. Engage: Issue 6

    Engage: Issue 6 by Martin Cole


    Issue 6 of Engage explores the Bible books of Hosea, Romans, Leviticus, Luke, Nahum and Psalms.  Learn more

  9. Engage: Issue 7

    Engage: Issue 7 by Martin Cole


    Issue 7 of Engage looks at Ephesians, Numbers, Luke and Jeremiah.  Learn more

  10. Engage: Issue 8

    Engage: Issue 8 by Martin Cole


    Issue 8 of Engage looks at Philippians, Deuteronomy, Luke and Jeremiah.  Learn more

Items 1 to 10 of 18 total

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